About us

About us

about.jpgKrāsu serviss SIA is a painting trade and service company. Since the foundation of the company in 2000 we have achieved a great deal and have developed very successfully.

Krāsu serviss SIA has three retail shops DIRECT in the largest cities of Latvia: Riga, Daugavpils and Liepaja. Customers are able to find everything they need in our shops to be able to start painting, as well as being able to receive professional consultation from competent specialists. We are also competitive and professional partners for building companies which are involved in finishing, metal construction painting and epoxy floor decking work.

We know everything about painting and we support a healthy spirit of diversity. We are dedicated to fighting against flatness, dullness and, especially, against indifference! Painting is the one thing that unites us – if something is about painting then it is about us! We are a team that knows about and believes in the thing we do!

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Architect, 1PLUS1

Direct is a shop for architects, because here you can not only choose paints, but also try them out by simulating, for example, different lighting situations. The vastness of space ensures gain in scope of ideas, but specialists: information on industry news. This is a serious attitude in serious architecture.