Here you will find useful tips on how to orient yourself in our shops around Latvia.

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    Choose paint color

    Use paint color and sample stands and fans. Pay attention to the topical paint color forecasts, drawn up by the interior design experts from around the world. Use container libraries and interior consultant's recommendations. View samples of paint color tones in different lighting. Convenient!

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    What has to be painted?

    Once you have selected color tones, go to the seller consultant and show him the selected paint color tones. Tell him what has to be painted. The consultant will recommend the best product and the required amount.

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    Surface preparation

    Listen to the consultant who will recommend the most suitable products for proper surface preparation. High-quality surface preparation is essential for the quality of the final production.

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    Tools and consumables, work wear and personal protection products

    Ask a question and get an answer on how to use the tools to make repairs with pleasure. Paint store - warehouse "Direct" has created a workwear collection for those who paint daily.

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    Cash register

    Having chosen paint color tones, materials and tools necessary for painting, go to the cash register and order paint color toning. In a short time the color will be toned and purchases wrapped. You can pay for your purchases in cash or by credit cards. If you are a member of paint store - warehouse "Direct" or partner loyalty programs, the purchase amount will be even more enjoyable.

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    Industrial coatings for wood, concrete and metal / Wholesale

    If interested in what we can offer to woodworking and metalworking industries go to retail counter. Special coatings sales professionals will accurately identify needs and prepare a personalized offer.

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    Power tools, electrical equipment and abrasives for professionals

    High-quality power tools, painting equipment and abrasives, offered by "Direct", will not disappoint you. If you are not sure about the reliability of the tool, try it on the spot: on a special workbench or painting chamber in the laboratory.

    When you have the pleasure, "Direct" also has pleasure. See you at "Direct" shops!

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Ieva Zībārte

Architecture and design project curator

I often recommend Direct not only to my colleagues, but also to students and design school teachers, because it's not just a shop, but also the center of color education, where to find the latest information about paint industry products and evaluate architectural solutions of the interior.