The bonus program "For the paints"

The bonus program


Depending on value of your buying, you can get up to 10% discount for your purchase, or you can collect PINS program bonus points and exchange them for valuable prizes.


At one purchase in “Krāsu serviss” Ltd. Paint store-warehouse DIRECT, for items, that has no discount, special price or is not on sale, Participant gets discount depending on the purchase amount:

  • up to 500 Eur, including VAT, Participant gets 5% discount or receives 4 PINS for each spent Eur;
  • from 500 up to 1000 Eur, including VAT, Participant gets 7% discount or receives 6 PINS for each spent Eur;
  • shopping over 1000 Eur,  including VAT, Participant gets 10% discount or receives 8 PINS for each spent Eur.

Earn PINS and exchange for valuable prizes HERE!



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Ieva Zībārte

Architecture and design project curator

I often recommend Direct not only to my colleagues, but also to students and design school teachers, because it's not just a shop, but also the center of color education, where to find the latest information about paint industry products and evaluate architectural solutions of the interior.