The bonus program "For the paints"

The bonus program


Depending on value of your buying, you can get up to 10% discount for your purchase, or you can collect PINS program bonus points and exchange them for valuable prizes.


At one purchase in “Krāsu serviss” Ltd. Paint store-warehouse DIRECT, for items, that has no discount, special price or is not on sale, Participant gets discount depending on the purchase amount:

  • up to 500 Eur, including VAT, Participant gets 5% discount or receives 4 PINS for each spent Eur;
  • from 500 up to 1000 Eur, including VAT, Participant gets 7% discount or receives 6 PINS for each spent Eur;
  • shopping over 1000 Eur,  including VAT, Participant gets 10% discount or receives 8 PINS for each spent Eur.

Earn PINS and exchange for valuable prizes HERE!



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Mārtiņš Pīlēns

Architect, 1PLUS1

Direct is a shop for architects, because here you can not only choose paints, but also try them out by simulating, for example, different lighting situations. The vastness of space ensures gain in scope of ideas, but specialists: information on industry news. This is a serious attitude in serious architecture.

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